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The Public Relations Program

Within the PR program, students engage with their cohorts in specialized classes emphasizing research, analytics, writing, content creation, and strategy. In the culminating semester, students have the opportunity to apply their acquired skills while working on their capstone project, with a client project with the PR Intelligence Lab.


Integration of the Lab with the PR Program

The BYU PR Intelligence Lab seamlessly integrates within the PR emphasis of the School of Communications, immersing students in a transformative educational experience. Through partnerships with diverse clients across various industries, students bridge theory and practice, gaining practical experience by applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The lab's hands-on approach extends to the classroom, where students learn industry-standard software and research methods, equipping them with essential skills for data-driven insights. The capstone class allows seniors to work closely with a client throughout a semester, honing skills in research, strategy development, and industry reporting.


Join Us: PRSSA

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a national professional organization that enhances students' education by providing access to professional development opportunities, networking experiences, and resources that prepare them for successful careers in the industry. The BYU chapter hosts events and social opportunities while providing exclusive access to scholarships, internships, awards, and competitions. Every year, students are sent to the National Conference to represent BYU’s chapter.

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Our Values

Social Impact Oriented

We make a positive impact by working with organizations that want to create meaningful change in society.

Creative Problem Solving

We see every challenge as a chance to explore innovative ideas and create lasting connections that lead to breakthroughs.

Ethically Rooted

All of our communication initiatives adhere to high standards of authenticity, transparency, and respect so that we can build trust with our clients and audiences.

Research Focused

We provide our clients with effective communication by conducting thorough research and developing informed and forward-thinking strategies.

Inquisitive Learning

By fostering a dynamic environment, students gain hands-on experience and mentorship, refine their skills, and expand their knowledge in public relations.

Rigorous Analytical Thinking

The core of our lab's strategic expertise is our ability to break down complex issues, carefully sift through subtleties, and uncover insights that enhance our client's stories.

Donor Information

The BYU PR Intelligence Lab is named for Loren and Marilyn Carroll, members of the BYU President's Leadership Council, who recognized the dramatic impact digital and social media technologies have on society. The Carroll’s designed a command center for students to integrate digital and social media technology with their coursework and real-world client projects. Thanks to the Carroll’s love and belief in the mission of the PR Lab, The Lab uses cutting-edge social media analytics, listening, engagement, and management tools. They feel a deep love for the exceptional students and faculty that make the PR Intelligence Lab such a special place to be and learn.

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