Services We Offer



Determine current and potential audiences for client needs.



Crafting and testing messages that have an impact.



Auditing and determining best practices for maximizing exposure across channels.


Tactic Optimization

Tools and elements used to deliver messages.

Our Approach

In the Lab, we provide PR strategy through our three approaches, Landscape, Measurement, and Prediction to amplify the impact of our four core services. The approaches define the types of projects that we can do while the services are the means by which we focus our research. These three approaches drive our commitment to deliver strategic, well-informed, and innovative PR solutions.

All organizations have their own unique sets of problems that need to be solved. Effective PR strategy provides the solutions needed for those problems.


Understand the state of things


Understand what’s happened


Understand the next steps

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Landscape analysis refers to the systematic examination and evaluation of the external environment surrounding an organization or brand. This analysis encompasses various factors such as societal trends, industry dynamics, competitor actions, regulatory changes, media landscape, and public sentiment. The goal of landscape analysis is to gain insights into the broader context in which a company operates, identify potential opportunities and threats, and inform strategic decision-making in communication and reputation management efforts.


Measurement refers to the process of evaluating and quantifying the effectiveness, impact and outcomes of PR initiatives and campaigns. This involves collecting and analyzing data related to various metrics such as media coverage, audience engagement, sentiment analysis, brand awareness, and stakeholder perceptions. The goal of measurement in PR is to assess the success of communication efforts, demonstrate the value of PR activities to stakeholders, and inform future strategies for enhancing reputation and achieving organizational goals.


Predicting/Forecasting involves using data, trends, and insights to anticipate future developments, outcomes, or scenarios related to communication strategies, stakeholder perceptions, and organizational reputation. This process often involves analyzing past performance, monitoring current trends, and identifying potential factors that could impact public relations initiatives. The goal of forecasting in PR is to proactively plan and adapt communication strategies to effectively manage potential challenges, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and achieve desired outcomes in a dynamic and evolving media landscape.