Defense and Aerospace Association with 30+ Members

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By Nathan Dorathy – 


The BYU PR Intelligence Lab was approached by a newly formed defense and aerospace association that wanted to increase their reach on social media, build brand awareness and be positioned in the association’s state economy. Work on this project was done by BYU students in the capstone class of their public relations program. By utilizing social media listening tools, earned media reports, and a survey the team of students was able to provide actionable insights for the association. These insights included items such as what social media platforms to use, what type of posts the association should use, as well as audience personas.


The overarching problem that this association faced was its novelty into the market. Before becoming a client, this association was only several months old. In trying to expand the association to cement it into it’s state economy the association wanted it’s name to become a household name.

The student team also needed to devise a KPI reporting system that could measure how the association’s social media was situated.


Utilizing social media listening tools, the student team combed through the associations social media and competitor social medias. While searching through these social medias, the team identified weaknesses and strengths of the varying competitors.

In addition to this the team manually coded information from the social media platforms that was not available from the tools used. All of this information gathered from social media provided the team with insight into how the association compared to competitors as well as how the association could improve.

The second part of the team’s data collection process came through the use of a survey. The team constructed a brief 10 minute survey that received 225 respondents. The survey’s purpose was to identify the target audience as well as which social media the target audience would interact with the association on.


Ultimately though the methodologies mentioned, the student team was able to provide a three tiered benchmark reporting system that shows where the association is situated as compared to competitors.

In addition, the target audience and social medias were identified, example posts that showed what types of media to include in the post, as well as which members of the association should be considered to collaborate with on future posts.