Non-Profit Expanding Donor Relations

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By Marissa Snyder –

Executive Summary

The BYU PR Intelligence Lab was approached by a non-profit organization looking to expand its donor relations within its local community. Capstone and research measurement classes at BYU worked on this project for three semesters. The students used surveys, focus groups, and social media listening to create a campaign to generate more awareness for the non-profit and increase donations.


The main problem this non-profit organization was facing was a lack of donor awareness and motivation. Their mission was not being conveyed clearly resulting in a decrease of donations.

Multiple student teams developed surveys to better understand recent donation trends.


With the use of social media listening tools, the students were able to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the non-profit and integrate their research into the creation of their surveys for the target community. Following survey results, focus groups were created to help the students better understand survey results as to why community members were or were not donating.


Using past donation trends, survey data, and focus group feedback, the team created a campaign designed to steadily increase donations while spreading awareness of the nonprofit through various materials. The students were ultimately able to show how the use of the campaign could increase donations.